Can Your Cabinets Support Granite Countertops by DFW

Can your Cabinets Support Granite Countertops in Kitchen or Bathroom

Most cabinets will hold the weight of granite just fine. The thing you might need to worry about is if you have an exceptionally large overhang for a bar. Then you should have corbels or some sort of brace for any overhang over 10 inches.

If you have any doubt about the sturdiness of your cabinets or any other questions about installing your granite, be sure to ask your granite installation company. Most kitchen cabinets are all made the same and will support any type of counter that is put on the top. If the cabinets are installed right they should not be wobbly in any way. Therefore the countertop will be supported by the cabinets and should not cause the countertop to crack or warp. This is if the counter is installed right. The cabinet manufacturer does not have any clue what kind of countertop will be used, so they make all the cabinets the same

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